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Marge Simpson poses naked for Playboy – but what would Lisa think?

To commemorate The Simpsons 20th anniversary, Marge is to appear naked on the cover of US Playboy. For some, it's a bold satirical move from a cartoon used to raising issues of female empowerment, but to others, its a betrayal of the show's feminist ideals.

Sometimes there can be good news I guess

Study: Finland Has Narrow Gender Gap

Finland took second place this year in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index. The Nordic countries are closest to closing the gender gap, according to a survey by the Geneva-based organisation.

The Nordics have topped the Gender Gap Index since it was first published three years ago. This year Iceland took the lead while Norway was third and Sweden was fourth.

Six Questions on Men and Feminism for Author Shira Tarrant

We all know that feminist guy, right? The one who successfully sideswiped years of Neanderthal behavior to forge a path to guyville uniquely his own. And I’m not talking about the guy who wears a “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” T-shirt and calls it a day. I’m talking about the men in our lives who acknowledge the feminine within them every day, without shame, and who stand up for women’s rights as easily as they stand up to pee greet you.

Raiskauksen uhreja syyllistetään

Savon Sanomat kirjoittaa 23.10.2009 miten vanhempi rikoskonstaapeli Ville Hahl Varsinais-Suomen poliisilaitoksesta on sitä mieltä, että puolet tutkituista raiskauksista olisi voitu estää sillä, että uhri olisi toiminut yleisesti hyväksyttävällä tavalla. Olisikohan asia kuitenkin niin, että kaikki raiskaukset olisi voitu estää sillä, että tekijä olisi toiminut yleisesti hyväksyttävällä tavalla?

Al Qaeda’s profeminist wing ?

A friend who’s working in a kindergarten recently told me a scaring story. One of the parents had one morning arrived at the kindergarten and asked to see the manager. To the manager this parent had complained that a google search had revealed that my friend was a profeminist. The parent was furious and demanded that my friend be dismissed from his job immediately, or ...

Beyond Masculinity

Beyond Masculinity is a groundbreaking collection of 22 provocative essays on sexuality, gender, and politics -- all written by gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer men. Part audiobook, part-blog, and part-anthology, brings together a smart, diverse group of queer male writers all critically examining maleness and the construction of masculinity and gender norms for men. Contributions focus on five key areas: Desire, Sex and Sexuality; Negotiating Identities; Queer Feminist Politics; Beyond Binary Gender; and Transforming Masculinity.

"Honour Violence" - A Threat To Immigrant Women

Immigrant women in Finland are increasingly the victims of violence perpetrated in the name of family honour. In Helsinki, twice as many immigrant women have sought protection this year from violence than in previous years.

Dutch Women Demand Quota for Top Positions

Dutch Women Demand Quota for Top Positions

Over 200 women at the top of their professions in The Netherlands have signed a Manifesto for a Quota demanding that legislation for a 40% quota for women on all non-executive Boards of listed companies, and governmental and semi-governmental organisations. The Manifesto, initiated by Woman Capital, an executive search firm, was sent today to the members of the Dutch Parliament, the Cabinet and the Social Economic Council.

Working fathers want more time with their children too, says report • Many men too nervous to ask for flexible working

Working fathers are struggling to juggle the competing demands of family and career, according to a report that shows that they are just as uneasy with their work-life balance as mothers.

The report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suggests that the long-running debate over the pressures experienced by working mothers, who strive to "have it all" – children and careers – is just as relevant to working fathers.

Miesten pyhä asevelvollisuus

Miesten puhtaasti sukupuoleen perustuva asevelvollisuus on räikeimpiä epäkohtia Suomen tasa-arvolaissa. Laki naisten ja miesten välisestä tasa-arvostahan alkaa sanoilla:
"Tämän lain tarkoituksena on estää sukupuoleen perustuva syrjintä ja edistää naisten ja miesten välistä tasa-arvoa sekä tässä tarkoituksessa parantaa naisten asemaa erityisesti työelämässä".

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