Remarks on the Unite Network of Men Leaders To End Violence Against Women
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UNHQ, 24 November 2009

Secrets and Lies: Responding to attacks on domestic violence campaigns
Michael Flood, November 2006

The Protection of Women against Violence
Council of Europe, Apr 30, 2002

Gender Equality: Not for Women Only
Michael Kimmel, Mar 8, 2001

Message from UN's Secretary General
Kofi Annan, Nov 25, 2000

Violence Against Women
UN Resolution 54/134, Nov 2000

Four Fundamental Principles
Michael Kaufman, Feb 25, 2000

The Seven P's of Men's Violence
Michael Kaufman, Oct 1999

White Ribbons Over Arkansas
Michael Kaufman

Manhood & Violence: The Deadliest Equation
Michael Kimmel

10 Years After the Montreal Massacre
Michael Kaufman, 1999

13 Steps for Safe Sex
Michael Flood

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